BATTERY LIFE 120 (hrs)

Amazing new multi-function torch that is as small as the best selling LED lenser P7 but brighter and much more capable and dynamic.
The lamp achieves the same light output as 3 to 4 heavy conventional electric torches*.
Circular spotlight or sharply focused beam with a range of up to 255 meters (918 feet).
8 light modes from energy saving to tactical defence strobe and the most impressive is the optional flashing SOS mode!!
The MT7 upgrades the popular T7 with new features that improve functionality for all users.
The MT7 produces 220 lumens of focusable light, includes a strobing mode, and features the upgraded Advanced Focus System that allows users to lock in their preferred spot of focus beam. The on/off switch has also been upgraded with a new texturized rubber coasting that provides more water resistance and better reliability. Also come with glass breaker on handle – ideal for police and rescue View the Technical Guide for MT7, M7R & M14 here:

It features an ?Advanced Focus System? that allows the beam of light to be adjusted to a multitude of sizes. the light will spread out into a wide, full floodlight, very useful for searching wide open spaces. Another push of the knob and the beam can be focused down into a tight spotlight, ideal for pinpointing an object easily. The combination of a varying light output with the adjustable beam is unbeatable! Also includes 4 AAA batteries, carry case and comes in boxed set LED Lenser warranty Specifications of the Led Lenser P7 Tactical Flashlight: Lumens: 220 Batteries: 4x AAA included Battery Life: up to 120 hours in economy modes Length: 14cm (same as p7) Weight: approx 200 grams Switch: Dynamic microcontroller swith system Beam distance: 918 feet or 255 metres Features of the Led Lenser P7 Tactical Flashlight: 8 Light modes SOS signal opt

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Weight 3 kg